As this is a challenging time for everyone on the west coast with the wildfires adding to Covid I thought I would share some acupressure points you can use to help you if there are breathing challenges.
Remember that anxiety can create symptoms that mimic a heart attack or asthma and constricted breathing not just smoke. Do not avoid 911 if there is a risk you are having a heart attack.

A good spot to start with is the chest rub in the middle of the sternum (breast bone). This is commonly tender so don’t rub too hard.

Here are some other points:

These are Lung 1 and Lung 2.

In the angle between the clavicle and the top of upper arm – deltoid muscle. The pectoralis
muscle also attaches in this area and it may
be very tender depending on how much upper
body work you do. These points support Lung
energy and function.


Ding Chuan

This is a great point to massage when
having difficulty breathing. It is the asthma
point. At the base of the neck close to the




Bladder 13 – Lung support point

This point is half way between the spine and
the border of the shoulder blade. If you follow
the “spine” of the shoulder blade toward the
vertebrae you can find the area. This is a good
place use two tennis balls in a sock. Place a
ball on either side of the spine and lay and
roll over this area. Also helps with the knots we
seem to carry around with us back there.



Bladder 23

This spot is a Kidney nourishing point. In  Chinese medicine the Kidney energy ‘grasps the qi’ meaning the breath is pulled down into the lungs allowing for a full breath to occur. This spot is about waist level and the same distance from the spine as BL 13 above. You can use the tennis balls here or a foam roller to work on this area.


There are many more points that can be used to help breathing issues. Best to see your acupuncturist for assistance. More persistent and chronic conditions are often helped with herbal formulas that can be safely prescribe for you.

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