Collection of squash

Hopefully you have spent the summer planting and tending your ‘garden’ and now you have a lot to harvest and treasure. This not only refers to  food but also to friendships, work accomplishments and other life goals.

Summer is when we are the most active and have the longest days to put our efforts into our projects. We have extra time to go for walks after a day’s work and spend more time in activities with our families. If this is not what you have done then this is a good time to reflect on your goals and how and why you try to achieve them.

We have incredibly busy lives and we seem to make them busier and busier. Motivation may be a difficult thing to maintain if you over-book yourself. You can just get too tired. Maybe you need to find a better organization system, get assistance or just don’t put so much on your plate. You really can’t do it all as much as you think you can or want to. To say you can’t is almost politically incorrect and a sign of weakness.

What we need to do is take an honest reflection of what WE are capable of accomplishing with what we have to address the requirements of family and work and the extras. Perhaps we added school on top of it all. Is going to every football game and race a reality if you insist that you will only settle for a grade of “A”?

Take a look at who and what are creating your goals and expectations and if they don’t belong to your authentic self then this is a good time to work on letting them go. You should be fulfilled at this time of year with all the bounty you have created and gathered in your life, not exhausted.

The bounty you have created this summer is what fills your storehouse to carry you through the cold, gray and dreary fall and winter ahead.  Work on planting only that which you want to reap. It should feed your soul.


Reflection time – what will Feed your soul?