Teapot and selection of fresh and processed herbs

Humans have had a relationship with herbs as food and medicine for millennia.    These plants are living beings with whom we share our planet.   Our relationship with them extends beyond the physical and into the emotional and spiritual realms as well.  Herbal medicine is truly holistic medicine.  The regular use of herbs keeps you balanced and resistant to stress and disease.  Herbs do much more than mask symptoms. They help restore balance so your body is better able to heal itself.  Think of them as special foods that help you get healthy and stay healthy.

While many herbs are mild and gentle and can be incorporated safely into daily life in the kitchen and medicine cabinet,  other more potent healing plants should only be used when consulting a trained professional.

LemonsGinger root     The Importance of Diagnosis

Herbs can be a powerful means to bring about balance in the body.  They can also create imbalances. The safety and effectiveness of herbal medicine depends on a proper diagnosis.  Two patients with the same condition might need very different herbs because each of us is different. At Oregon City Acupuncture I carefully consider any Western prescriptions and all supplements you may be taking. This customized diagnosis and prescription is what makes Chinese herbal medicine so safe and effective.

A proper herbal prescription requires a trained and licensed professional.  Once herbs are prescribed you should consider them as important as any prescription from your Primary Care Provider.  Take your herbs consistently.  They don’t do you any good if you leave them in the bottle.



Selection of raw herbs
Selection of raw herbs


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