Carol Griesmeyer LAc, RN

Carol Griesmeyer, Licensed Acupuncturist and Registered Nurse at Oregon City Acupuncture

Care giving is at my core and my purpose in life. I began in patient care in 1971 in the Operating Room as a Certified Surgical Technologist, advancing to an RN from Portland Community College and Bachelor degree in Science and Nursing from Linfield / Good Samaritan College of Nursing. I have recently retired from clinic/ hospital nursing but maintain my license.

My path of alternative medicine started in the 1980’s with “the llama from “hades.” His special needs in handling (I could do nothing with him) required that I began looking for assistance. I stumbled upon Tellington Touch & T.E.A.M.© Training which is a much gentler and reasonable style of working with any animal (including humans). The movements that you use working with the animal have very picturesque names that evoke visual images very similar to those found in tai qi chuan.

Thus, I found myself beginning tai qi classes & loving it. Becoming a teacher of Part one of Yang style led me to begin reading about and exploring qi & getting to better understand it. I also learned to meditate, another lesson in qi movement.

My need for what could be a more easy-going job ( I thought) as I got older (fact of life) led me to Asian Medicine. Nursing is rewarding but full time can be exhausting. I felt acupuncture had the greatest options for both my patients and me and allowed me to use all my experience and knowledge while I continued caring for people.

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine offer a unique and valuable addition to health care the world over. It is a centuries-old, complete health care system in and of itself. I feel it is important to combine all appropriate and safe modalities of care to bring more people and the world back into balance. Western medicine has many great applications and is very beneficial particularly for emergent and acute conditions. Oriental medicine is very strong in therapies for disease prevention and chronic conditions. I strive to assist people to understand what life experiences and health habits have brought them to their current state of discomfort or dis-ease and how personal and environmental awareness are necessary components of their recovery and good health.

Please feel free to ask me about any health concerns you may have and how Oriental Medicine would address your needs. I am happy to coordinate care with any Western biomedical treatment protocol which you currently follow.

I work to achieve this by incorporating an extensive first visit interview.  Due to Covid,  tongue exam, pulse diagnosis and palpation cannot occur in the virtual intake but do occur at in-person treatments.  A diagnosis is then made with appropriate modalities of care determined, and the need for herbs and self-care instructions determined being prescribed as warranted. As it relates to Western medicine, Oriental medicine will usually take longer to reach its goal. It works on a more subtle level and addresses the root cause, not just the outward, apparent symptoms.  Balance is what allows you to eliminate or minimize the impact of the current disorder.

It is important that we develop an open, safe, professional relationship so that I can work to afford you success in dealing with the condition that has led you to my office. As awareness and clarity are important to the return of balance and health, two-way communication is always an essential ingredient of our relationship and questions and concerns are welcome for discussion at any time. If you are wondering how Chinese medicine can help you, please contact me. I offer free 30 minute consults.


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Simplified Summary

I have spent decades in Western medicine and incorporated Asian medicine into my treatment bag to bring more balance into my life. I discovered the importance of patience and deep observation and listening. Acupuncture and Asian medicine are about bringing balance into one's life and energy systems. We strive to treat the cause of distress, discomfort and disease and not just treat the symptoms. Please contact me with any health concerns.