I can provide treatment for a number of imbalances in your health

I bring to the table:

  • Acupuncture
  • Tuina massage
  • Aroma Acupoint therapy
  • Chinese herbs
  • NAET allergy treatment
  • energy movement with qigong healing
  • guidance in exercise
  • lifestyle balance
  • nutrition
  • stress and anxiety management

Please note that I do not do general massage treatment, but there is a great massage therapist in my office.

The office has always offered a safe, sanitary space for your care and treatment.

My first treatment traditionally takes about 2 hours but with the Covid situation, the time spent in the office is limited. Because of that, the first hour is spent online with a virtual consultation where we discuss your entire health  history, not just your main complaint. This allows for a complete treatment plan to be created.

The first in-person treatment can be done perhaps the same day or soon after the virtual meeting. It is usually one hour with follow up treatments the same time length. Each treatment is based on who you are when you arrive to the office so there may be changes in focus. Because everything is connected, these will not be ‘wasted’ treatments but will continue to assist you in your healing.

A lot of sharing of information occurs as I explain some of the basic concepts of Oriental Medicine. I want people to ask as many questions as they need, so they feel they can understand, are comfortable and participate in their care. Please know that YOU are the person healing you. I am only an assistant in opening up blocks in your energy channels, thinking, lifestyle blocks etc. Many blocks started at a very young age. You just think they are normal because they have always been there.

Oriental medicine and the techniques I bring to the treatment room focus on you becoming aware on ALL of your body, how you think and react to situations, your habits and how you choose to continue or change the less than supportive behaviors. I will support you as you view these, perhaps, ‘new realities’ and provide guidance and assistance on your path to optimum wellness.


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