Aroma Acupoint Therapy

Fruit slices, seeds and bottle of essential oils

Calming, healing treatment without needles. Doesn’t seem possible but Aroma Acupoint therapy can do that. This can be a very powerful yet gentle treatment. It can do what needles do.  Instead of the physical sensation of the needle, now you get the direct intervention of the oil on the acupuncture point and the point’s inherent power. Plus you also have the sensory stimulation of the fragrance. In many ways it is like frosting on the cake.
The certification training I have taken considers the many historic uses and understanding of acupuncture and the power of essential oils. There are physiological and psychological functions of each oil within themselves and they magnify the power of each point. They have synergistic and complementary combinations matched with specific disease presentations. It can be a transformative experience for the patient and they can be used to treat body, mind and spirit.

Rose blossom and bottle of essential oil


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