According to ancient Chinese medical theoryacupuncture points are places where the Qi (vital energy) gathers, disperses, nourishes and drains. By locating the appropriate points an acupuncturist is able to stimulate the activity necessary to enhance and smooth the qi movement to bring about balance in your organ and acupuncture meridian systems, your body, mind and emotions. A balanced, healthy life means that the qi is moving freely and easily. Blockage (stagnation) or deficiency leads to discomfort, pain and illness.

At Oregon City Acupuncture your acupuncturist takes time to speak with you to determine where the imbalances are and remove the obstructions. Sometimes acupuncture is the best option, other times herbal formulas provide stronger treatment. Often it is a combination of both. The process is like peeling an onion layer by layer. Some symptoms are removed only to reveal another, different set. Oriental medicine focuses on treating the root of disease as well as treating the symptoms.

Acupuncture needles are processed and sterilized in single use packages just as any needle in any other health care setting. The needles are not reused. They are disposed of in standard biohazard containers common to all health care facilities. Infections or bruising are always a possibility with any medical procedure. But blackberry bushes and roses pose more of a threat than acupuncture.

Getting pricked by blackberry or rose thorns is usually a more unpleasant experience. Yet most would not forgo the pleasure of freshly picked blackberries or the beauty of a bouquet of roses.  If you do experience any sensation it usually only lasts a few seconds. Common sensations are a tiny pinch, a feeling of fullness at the site of insertion, warmth, dull ache or tingling. Taking a couple of slow deep breaths allows the sensation to dissipate and the qi to flow. If any sensation continues beyond 30 seconds discuss it with your practitioner.  You are always in control and can say  “stop”. You are an active participant in the healing process. I do not cure you, your body and mind do. If you feel the process is a challenge then you and your practitioner will discuss other options to best assist you back into balance.

Yes. Both traditions are valid.  It is prudent to use the best of each to develop a more complete health care plan. Feel free to get the opinion of your Primary Care Provider (PCP) or other health care professional about the use of acupuncture. I am always willing to call and discuss your treatment plan with your doctor.  In any urgent or emergent situation it is always best to call them or 911 first. But please remember to call me too.

This office does not take health insurance. However,  in the case of a motor vehicle accident you are covered though your Personal Injury Protection and do not need a doctor’s recommendation to receive acupuncture. Please call the office for complete financial details. There is also a copy of the payment agreement plan in the Forms menu tab.

You must read and sign the Covid office visit guidelines below. The actual document you sign is in the electronic health record we create after you decide to come for treatment. 

Be sure to have a light meal before you come for your in-person appointment. Coffee with milk and sugar is not a meal.  Wear loose fitting clothes (baggy) that can easily be pushed up to elbows and knees without constriction to the arms or legs. Do not come under the influence of alcohol, recreational drugs, caffeine. It is preferred that you not use any fragrances including scented laundry detergent, fabric softener, fragrant makeup, perfumes, shampoo, smoke, etc. I do treat patients for allergies and odors can be potent challenges that remain in the office long after you are gone.

The office will contact you a day or two before, or Friday if your appointment is on Monday, to check to see that you are healthy, have no signs of illness, or have not been exposed to a known or suspected patient having the Corona virus. If you have any symptoms you will be asked to wait for 2 weeks after exposure before coming to the office. Also if you are a regular patient and develop these symptoms at any time please notify the office even if you are not on the schedule.

The pre-visit call or email will also be the time we discuss your concerns and treatment you desire. This will decrease talking time while in the office.

Mask or face covering will be worn at all times while in the office. A cloth mask is fine as is a bandana. You do not need to wear a mask while lying face down. We will work to make this comfortable as it can be a challenge.

Please ‘come clean’ to the office – shower, wash hair, fresh clean clothes you haven’t been wearing for the last 3 days. Try to make this the first stop in your day of errands if you have a list of things to do.
Please bring your own pen for signing any charges or documents while you are here.
Also have your calendar with you in the office (not out in the car) to schedule your next visit at the end.

In the interest of limiting laundry – gowns, sheets – please wear very loose clothes (baggy) or bring a change. Yoga pants and stretch jeans are not an option. Also if you will be having a treatment on your back (laying on your stomach) bring a shirt or button down top that you can put on backwards during your treatment. Fresh pajamas with button tops work well.

Please know that you will always be appropriately draped and kept warm.

Please arrive at your designated time. There is no lobby to wait in at this time. If necessary wait in your car. Any family, drivers or attendants must wait in the car during the treatment or run an errand and return for you when done.
Upon arrival please go to the restroom and wash your hands.
Return to the lobby and wait for me (Carol).  There you will have your temperature, pulse and oxygen saturation taken.
You will be escorted to the treatment room where you will stay until your treatment is done.

Please take your charge card and your pen out and leave it on the side table.
Change clothes if necessary and wash your hands again.
I will assist in getting you positioned and the treatment will take place.

At the end of treatment I will take the cash, check or charge card out to the front office. The receipt will be brought back to the room for you to sign.
Yes, cash and checks are acceptable. They will be sprayed with disinfectant. (This is where I excel at ‘laundering’ money. Sorry, I had to inject some levity in all this.)
We can set up the next treatment on my phone calendar before you leave.
You will then get dressed, wash your hands and leave the office.

Thank you so much for reading through all this.
It is a bit of a hoop jump but I am trying to provide a safe environment both for you and me in your continued care.

Thank you again.
I look forward in being your partner on your path to optimal wellness.

Herb / drug interactions are a challenge for any Oriental medical practitioner. I am a certified herbal practitioner and maintain education in the appropriate combinations. I will work with whatever prescriptions you are currently taking and find safe and effective formulas to address your needs.  With appropriate protocol and your physician’s awareness we may be able to lower your dose or eliminate your need for some prescription drugs. I do not take the use of herbs concurrent with prescriptions lightly and any decision for their usage will have safety in mind first.

With your first visit to our clinic I prefer to take time to do a full history review and get to know you. I understand that this may be a different style of health care for you and you may have many questions. The more you understand, the more easily we can work together to resolve your health concerns. The first visit take approximately one hour and is done virtually via video or phone. The actual in-person is done soon after and lasts about 1 hour. Follow up treatments are 1 hour or a bit less.

You and your practitioner will discuss a treatment plan focusing on the health concerns you bring to the office. For most concerns, once a week is fine. Some may need 2 or more treatments the first few weeks. And others may find that once a month for maintenance is great. We recommend for “healthy” people to come in for seasonal treatments – when the seasons change – as a good addition to your health routine. Herbal formulas, if appropriate, can augment your treatments and may be preferred.