I started a new year, 2017, with my first appointment with Carol Griesmeyer at Oregon City Acupuncture. My goal was relief of shoulder and neck pain from chronic migraine headaches. I had no idea the extent of health and healing Carol would bring to me. Carol looks at the whole person, not one disease state, and strives to enrich every part of the body. Shortly after I started treatments, I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. We now had something more to focus on. One of the most incredible treatments I had with Carol was when I first ventured out after my cancer surgery. I was very weak, walked with a shuffle and stooped shoulders. Carol embraced me with such love, care and concern, opened my body to healing, and allowed me to walk out of her office a blessed and smiling person. I know that continuing to maintain my health requires a team of caregivers. Carol is an integral part of keeping me at my best. I am very thankful for her services!
Suzy Anthony Pharmacist
Suzy Anthony
Huge thanks to Carol at Oregon City Acupuncture! She has been helping me reach a big health goal. Think of her for more than just needles and pain management!
Jenni Jackson Flourish Marketing
Jenni Jackson
Flourish Marketing
Carol is amazing! Her “whole person” approach to my well-being is unique & refreshing. Her knowledge of western medicine and application of eastern medicine provides a holistic view to optimal wellness. Carol collaborates with her clients, takes time to explain the “why” & often assigns homework to keep the body functioning efficiently. When I tried to cancel an appointment due to illness, Carol insisted that I come in for treatment anyway. . .she was right, her treatment was a turning point in my recovery.
Wendy Orchard
Wendy Orchard
Carol's acupuncture treatments have been very helpful in reducing the pain in my knees.
Sleeping Jizo
Julie Lawyer
Grandmother extradinaire
A military career is rough on anybody. For me, I had multiple spinal injuries, neuromuscular and myofascial pain. It all hurt constantly. Numerous steroid shots, prescription meds and PT rehab treatments did not result in relief but did result in significant anxiety over the long term possibilities. I was familiar with acupuncture in the past and decided to commit to long term care with Carol for one year. With every visit I found more and more relief and just kept coming back. I have actually continued to work with her for two years now and it is so worth it. Since my time with Carol I have gained more flexibility in my spinal column, and due to increased mobility I was able to return to my favorite hobby of spending time out in nature hiking. Once my body started responding I was able to sleep better, I felt less anxiety, my thinking was clearer, and I felt better. Together these changes stimulated my body's natural healing abilities and improved my emotional well-being as well. Carol always followed up on my progress between my appointments, and her compassion was always reassuring of my decision to trust her. If you are in need of an acupuncture therapist look no further. Carol is AMAZING!
Jennifer Carpenter Veteran
Jennifer Carpenter
I had back surgery twice and it did not control my pain. Acupuncture has controlled the pain and Carol helps to care for all of you - body, mind and spirit when life brings you a whole mixed bag of challenges.
Patricia Hartman Mary Kay Cosmetics
Patricia Hartman
Mary Kay Director
The best of both worlds! Alternative healthcare combined with a background in Western medicine. Carol is that rare combination of Eastern and Western health care practitioner. As an RN who treats with acupuncture, NAET, massage, cupping and many other modalities, Carol brings a lot to the table. She has been treating me for many years and I have always appreciated how she explains both the Western and Eastern points of view to help me understand what I'm dealing with at the moment. I used to have terrible allergies and found real relief with NAET. It's a little woo-woo, but you don't have to believe it or understand it for it to work. It did for me.
Jill Palamountain Take Root Business Coaching
Jill Palamountain
Take Root Business Coaching
Caring, thoughtful, and considerate help.
Kurt Bevers
Kurt Bevers
In 1997 I was diagnosed with degenerative osteo arthritis in many parts of my body. Since then I have had six surgeries relating to my arthritis including one complete shoulder replacement surgery. After the surgeries the pain eased a little but only from a 10 to sometimes an 8. For over 20 years the pain had been excruciating and sometimes unbearable. Things I have loved to do in the past, like gardening and other household chores, have been almost impossible to do. Two months ago I discovered Carol Griesmeyer and my life has made a wonderful change for the better...my average daily pain level went from a 10 to a 1. I have now very little pain from the arthritis and can enjoy myself so much more doing things I love to do. At its worst I was taking up to 16 Tylenol and 3-4 prescription pain killers a day just to get by. Now if I overdue it a little I may only have to take a couple of Tylenol but that is it. As a retired nurse and active acupuncturist she is well aware of the body's needs. She has recommended many "natural" options, as opposed to prescription medications, that have helped with other issues that come along with being 74. Her efficiency and caring manner have given me have a new lease on life and I would highly recommend Carol to anyone in need.
Shari Darby test photo B
Shari Darby
Amazing 74 years young
Carol is wonderful! She seems to have almost a sixth sense as to where I am holding my stress and pain and I always leave feeling lighter and physically and mentally relaxed. She spends the extra time and effort needed to get into some of those stubborn trigger points. On top of it all she really listens to your concerns and keeps things light with anecdotes and jokes. It's almost fun going to one of her treatments 🙂
Karin McCune Photo for Carol
Karin McCune
Farmer and Animal Lover
Suffered through back pain for years, and have seen various "traditional" doctors and surgeons and all told me the same thing - "We can't see anything in the MRI/CT scans, we don't know what to do. Maybe you need to see another specialist." After a few visits here, I feel better than I have in years. Told her my symptoms/pain location and she went to work. Can't recommend her enough.
Greg Rogers CPA
Greg Rogers