Hooray. It’s early for summer in the northwest. We usually joke that summer starts on July 5. Memorial Day weekend is usually cold and rainy. I would always opt to take call on Mem Day weekend because I would be missing much.

This year seems to be different. If people are STILL not sure global warming is real then I wish them the best as they find a place where the ocean level hasn’t risen to the middle of their living rooms and rain still falls somewhere below the 49th meridian during the summer. That is assuming the snow stops falling by the end of May.

This year the forest fires devastating eastern Canada are sharing their smoke with the entire east coast of the US. Now they are more likely to understand what the western states have been enduring for the past number of years. Yea, its real folks.

But with this sunshine we can celebrate. It is time for us to make our own Vit D. We may be able to forego supplementation for a few months. By being out in the sun for 20 min without sunscreen we can work on our bodies’ ability to do this on its own. But it does have its limits. The sun still does damage. All things in moderation as has been said.

The sun emits two types of UV rays – A and B. UVA is considered the more prevalent type and is what causes skin burning. Cloud cover does not stop burns from happening. UVB rays are the rays that promote skin cancers. While it is less prevalent, it is always worth protecting against.

As it is soon to be Father’s Day and many will be out picnicking this is a good time to share information on how to stay safe in the sun this holiday and throughout any time in the sun. There is a link below to a great article that explains natural vs chemical sunscreens, SPF, etc. Worth the read. Even if you have already bought your sunscreen for the summer, understand you need to use a lot so with your next purchase get the best one for you.

And also including for  you is a fun coloring page for Father’s Day. Seems like Mom’s get all the attention sometimes but dads are also very important. In some homes Dad in mom-and-dad all in one. It takes two energies to create life yin and yang. They need to be in balance whether they both live in the same home or not. They energy dad brings to the table is just a precious and needed. Dad creates the path to move out, grow, expand using the nurturing the Mom energy has put on your table. We need both is whatever variation our lives create. Honor both but on Father’s Day –  You’re the greatest dad ever!

Sunscreen link: https://foodrevolution.org/blog/natural-sunscreen-spf-zinc/?utm_source=sfmc&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=blo-2023&utm_content=sunscreen&j=213094&sfmc_sub=103080007&l=137_HTML&u=2985294&mid=514008241&jb=1301

Free coloring page for Father’s day: Greatest dad


Sum sum summertime
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