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This month I am looking at the various aspects of Mother and Mom. There are more than you may think.

Spring is finally(?) here. What?!

Actually in the Chinese calendar early May is the beginning of Summer and the Earth element (Stomach/Spleen) is dominant. Spring has had the Liver/Wood Element in charge and it can still be overbearing on the earth. Think of how a wind row of trees controls the blowing away of the topsoil and the roots solidify the earth. And when the trees go, so does the earth. Think of deforestation. All the elements work to nourish, control, and/or undermine each other. We need to continue to nourish the Wood energy and keep that moving as we move into Summer and Earth energy. Earth energy is about nurturing, growth, giving, supporting. Our food doesn’t come out of the air but is mostly rooted in the earth and gets it energy from the ground. The food then gives that energy to us to grow and share.

These activities of growth and nurturing and love are what Moms are all about. Let’s take a look.

Mother Earth has created an awesome place to live and has given us life. The least we can do is show her some love, give her a hug and not smother her with our refuse. We do have the brains and tools to do so much better. It’s not easy to change our habits but let’s support each other to walk a better path.

Earth is our ULTIMATE MOTHER. On the most recent Earth Day over 1 billion people observed this day. We need to honor and respect everything our planet has brought to us and will contHands holding Earthinue to provide for us AS LONG AS WE TAKE CARE OF HER.  We need to nurture her and help her grow as she has provided for us.

Another holiday that comes with Spring (Summer) is Mother’s day. The ancient Greeks honored the Goddess Rhea as mother of the gods and daughter of Mother Earth and was held each year in the Spring.

I acknowledge not everyone is blessed with having had a wonderful mother. Life has its challenges but along the way we often find the perfect mother, maybe in someone who is not related to us and is not even female. Having someone who has given us love, been there through the hard times, made us knuckle down and get our acts together is what I call ‘having a mother’. This person is the nurturer one can rely on, the steady guide no matter what we throw at them. Basically the most awesome being ever.

The day has been around since 1870 in some manner but officially observed as a holiday by 1911. Originally it was to be a liturgical service but it got taken over by commercialization. The day is observed the second Sunday in May in over 40 countries around the world but it is celebrated in every month except January somewhere – February in Norway to December in Indonesia.

Frog dressed as nurse
Bug-eyed and swollen feet. End of a long day

The other holiday that is celebrated this month of May is Nurses Day and week. It runs from May 6 – 12. The 12th is Florence Nightingale’s birthday. For many, a nurse is the mom when we are not at home but in what can be a very scary place – a hospital. Nurses are the care providers 24/7, they keep us alive, sit with us when no one else is there, feed us, clean us, give us hope, cry with us, give us hugs. They educate us and keep us connected with the rest of our family who can’t be there. Sounds like a ‘mom’ to me.
In the past few years, thanks to the pandemic, I hope we have all come to appreciate the commitment and support these caregivers have given all of us. Even if we, personally, never had Covid, I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t been impacted by it, known someone who was sick, in the hospital, who worked in a hospital or who lost someone. They are incredible.

So think about all the Moms this month and all the forms of Mom but not only on one day. Think about all the forms this energy comes to us. How can we be more aware of their gifts to us? How can we express our gratitude and pay it forward? Everyone needs mom energy, whoever or whatever or however it comes to us, if only for a short time. Give all your moms a hug, often and always.


I included some coloring pages for you again.

Celebrate your Mom  – Love you Always:   Love
Best Mom :  oregoncityacupuncture.com/…5/Best-Mom.pdf

a nurseoregoncityacupuncture.com/…/thank-you-nurses.pdf

and Mother Earth. oregoncityacupuncture.com/…/Earth-day-coloring-page.pdf

Have fun and let mom’s love fill you as the earth warms and swells with Spring/Summer Energy.


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