Holly swag

Hi everybody.

This is the busy, crazy and hopefully happy time of year. I wanted to share some info with you that you may find helpful through the holidays and for a better new year.

Many people have asked me whether they should juice. I have found that is has its advantages but I have only ever used a blender. Honestly, I am lazy and don’t have the space for a juicer. But there are pros and cons to each. The article attached gives a good review on all that and some suggestions. Come to your own conclusions. Juicing or blending are good ways to get more nutrients into you so you can stay healthy. The best gift you can give yourself and others is a healthy You.

So please read this article and add another way to increase wellness to your “to-do” list for the new year. (Not sure you can get one delivered for Christmas at this time but if you do get a blender that has an ice crusher in it you can make great slushy drinks for the holidays. Just sayin’. Not everyone has it in their refrigerator door.)


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Stay happy and healthy everyone and may you be blessed with happy holidays in whatever form that works for you.

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Stay well