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I have lots of patients who come in with neck and shoulder tightness, forearm and wrist pain and or back pain. Particularly if they have an office job where they spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen or if they are on the road behind the wheel of the car there tends to be a lot of overuse abuse of our bodies going on. Now I know we don’t want to think we are abusing ourselves but we are. We are designed to be moving much more than we do.

A tip I share with people is to set up a timer across the cubicle from them or in some area of the office where they have to GET UP and go turn it off. I suggest every 55 minutes. After turning off the timer get some WATER – not a sweet sugary fruit drink. Remember we are probably all dehydrated. Then how about hitting the john. Let’s not be growing water filled basket balls in our bodies. Add some stretches, gentle twists, squats, deep breathing.

When you are on a long road trip, use the rest stops. They are there for a reason and your tax dollars have paid for them.

All this is about keeping the qi and blood moving. Get fresh energy to the brain and you can think more clearly and keep a lot of the kinks and creaks out of the joints. Remember your eyes need a break from the video monitor and staring at the road, too.

Remember to take a break. While you’re at it – don’t work through lunch. Take care of yourself. YOU are the one in charge of you. And while your insurance doesn’t often pay for all the self- help that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of yourself and, yes, pay for it yourself. Call Oregon City Acupuncture with questions on how we can help you more to stay in balance and have less stress.

Check out this link for more ideas.

Carol K Griesmeyer

Less Stress, More Balance at work