Chrysanthemum blossoms

Cold Chrysanthemum Tea

An ideal summer drink

Chrysanthemum flower of Ju Hua in Mandarin, is used in Chinese Herbal Medicine to address early stages of colds with fever, headaches, a dry mouth and throat. If you have itchy eyes from allergies laying a cool,  soaked flower over each eye can also help sooth the hot, itchy, irritation. This gentle herb is also served in Chinese restaurants with dim sum to aid digestion. As it is cooling in nature, it makes a flavorful addition to iced tea on those hot summer days and evenings. Chrysanthemum flowers can be found at Asian markets and herb shops.


Chrysanthemum flowers 15-20
4 teaspoons of Jasmine or Green Tea
rock sugar or honey
4-5 cups of water


Rinse the flower
Add water to large pot and bring to a boil
Remove from heat, add flowers, steep for 20 min
Add Jasmine or Green tea in last 5 minutes of steeping
Add rock sugar or honey to taste
Strain and refrigerate

Serve chilled.                         Enjoy!


Chrysanthemum tea